Jing Fong
20 Elizabeth St (nr Canal)

There really is no better place to have a large group of people hang out and eat than at a Dim Sum brunch. This past weekend we celebrated Blairitza’s B-day at Jing Fong in Chinatown. There were 12 of us who gathered and we were all thoroughly amused at this institution. You wait outside and then they shuttle you in and up a giant escalator where you pour out into a large banquet hall decorated with colorful dragons and garish flowers. There are hundreds of people seated at large circular tables and everywhere you look there are Chinese men and women with carts filled with small dishes of yummy dim-sum.
We were seated and immediately the fun began……we tried pork buns and shrimp dumplings, fish balls and scary meat balls, gelatinous custard balls and fried sesame crusted dough filled with bean paste, vegetable dumplings and seven treasure sticky rice, scallops and bacon wrapped shrimp, and beef egg foo yung. We even were braved Durien fruit deep fried dumplings, which really did look like bright green caterpillars.
Now, Jing Fong is not the best dim-sum you will get, but it is the true experience that you need to have with a large group of people……the food was definitely so-so, with some of it (especially the meat balls) rendering even slightly inedible…..but, it was FUN, and aren’t birthdays supposed to be just that? Plus we all stuffed ourselves for about $11 each!