Totally Baked
8 West 18th (5/6), NYC

As you can tell by my pen-name, I am completely and totally obsessed with Potatoes. They are, to me, a perfect food and I absolutely enjoy them in every shape, size and form they come in, although I must admit that I enjoy them as “potato-ey” as possible….meaning that I prefer steak fries to shoe strings and baked potatoes over potato chips. That being said, it was a dream come true to find out that there was a newly opened food establishment called “Totally Baked” that honored my favorite food in its naked form. The menu is terrific and simple, there are 10 Baked Potatoes, each with a different topping. If you enjoy them basic, then stick to the Classic which is loaded with Sour Cream, Bacon and Chives, but if you want an adventure then check out the Brisket (Topped with large hunks of brisket and fried onions all in a marsala wine reduction) or the Pulled Pork (topped with “pernil” pork and mexican slaw). Now, it is not cheap!!! These potatoes cost $10 each and are served with an organic green salad. A lot of comments on other blogs and sights leave me to wonder if the Hubs and I were given some preferential treatment when we went (we happened to mention we were taking pictures for a Food Blog! :- ) Out potatoes were loaded with lots of meat and it was a perfectly filling meal, but other foodies seem not be feeling the potato love, or at least seem to have been denied the amount that we were served. Granted, it is not an overwhelming amount of food, but it can serve as a plentiful lunch if you do not mind paying that much for a classy potato. You can even splurge for the $55 truffle potato…….I think it’s crazy, but, hey, it’s NYC!
The establishment itself is very clean and decorated with all sorts of fun “Potato-abilia”, like fun drawings of Mr. Potato Head himself, “all hail to the Chief Spud!”
The one drawback for me, and it might sound weird, but the staff was overly friendly…..a little too much for me. I don’t need to be screamed “hello and welcome” to as I walk in the door in overly chipper sing-song voices, nor do I need small talk as I decide what I want, or to be given strong hints towards what I should order, or called a “tourist” as I take pictures……hmph! Small pet-peeve, and I’m sure for some it makes them feel special, but I hate forced niceness……