One of my favorite warm weather activities is an eating tour. It is basically a walking tour, but instead of just looking at great architecture and appreciating a sunny day, you go to various grub-worthy places and have small portions of their specialties. This works well with a small group of people, so that you can try several different things, while retaining the motivation and flexibility that a bigger group lacks. It is fun to h have a culinary theme, instead of just random places. There are great professional tours, like Big Onion, that provide a lot of historical info, but I like to do it my way.

Here is one of my favorite tours, although brief descriptions don’t do it justice:

Jewish Eating in the Lower East Side

  • Doughnut Plant
    Start with a coffee and donut. Not exclusively Jewish, but who’s complaining? 379 Grand St.

    Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery
    A variety of authentic square knishes. Since 1910. 137 E. Houston St.

    Guss’ Pickles
    All kinds of pickled delights. Since 1940’s. 85 Orchard St.

    Kossar’s Bialys
    Get ’em hot, you won’t miss the hole in the middle. Since 1936. 367 Grand St.

    Russ & Daughter’s

    I usually just window shop, but you could get some smoked fish for your bialy. Since 1914. 179 E. Houston St.

    Katz’s Deli
    This is the final stop, so get a giant pastrami on rye and relax while appreciating the best Jewish deli. Since 1888. 205 E. Houston St. 

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