Noche Mexicana
852 Amsterdam Ave (101/102), NYC

Yes, I have suffered from all kinds of “belly” ailments……they result from eating large portions of amazingly perfected foods, and believe it or not, I am quite picky about what foods I eat copious amounts of…..for example, I have suffered from “nut belly”, “pie belly (savory)” and “potato belly” (what gal named “Spud” wouldn’t have?) and last Friday night, I succumbed to “Nacho Belly” at Noche Mexicana…….my *favorite* Mexican Restaurant for now! It fits all of the requirements of a Grub Hub Golden Bonzone contender. It is scarcely decorated, unassuming, incredibly authentic and dirt cheap! Run, run, run to the border……the Noche Mexicana Border, that is!
The three of us devoured the large platter of perfectly proportioned Spicy Chicken Nachos. The chips were recently fried and crispy and warm, the chicken seasoned and spicy, the guacamole given on top substantial and hearty and super-yummy and the pickled jalapeno slices plentiful and just given for the right amount of kick!
I was quite satisfied with my order of tamales…..the were salty and filled with rich cornmeal and there was plenty of pork in the center. They were delicious and I was given three for $5. Unbelievable deal! Mr. Headphones had a shrimp burrito that was loaded with really nice sized shrimp, not the usual tiny ones you’d expect, and the Hubs had huaraches, which is kind of like a Mexican pizza with a deep fried dough on the bottom and loaded with lettuce, chicken, tomatoes and sour cream. We were so satisfied and insanely full with authentic Mexican flavors. We will definitely be returning.
I don’t think that I have seen a bill for $30 for three people in the longest time!! Granted, we didn’t drink, but they offer full bottles of wine for $15, so we might the next time.
Check this place out, you will not be disappointed!

Cafe Lalo
201 West 83rd St, NYC
Afterwards, we stayed on the Westside and traveled down to the famed Cafe Lalo for dessert. The cafe has dinner items, but is mainly known for its dizzying display of desserts. It is widely known as a prominent setting in You’ve Got Mail and is always packed with locals and tourists. We enjoyed a strawberry Napoleon, peanut butter chocolate mousse cake, and cherry pie.