Brasserie Julien
1422 Third Ave (80/81), NYC

We don’t eat on the Upper East Side very often nor do we dine at French restaurants, but we enjoyed our experience at Brasserie Julien very much. We met my brother and his family for dinner and had a spacious table in the back of the restaurant. The ceilings were high, and the colors rich, but not opulent and the room had a comfortable, airy feel. The menu was excellent, with a wide variety ranging from the classic onion soup and pate, to mussels and frites and bison burgers. French Bistro food is completely different than Haute French food, and truthfully, we enjoy it much better. Bistro food has bold flavors, large portions and simple ingredients – the prices are quite less as well.

Spud and I share the duck foie gras as an app. Spud loves duck liver pate, I don’t, but this was quite good with a little chutney on crusty toast. I got the croque monsieur, for the first time, and it was delicious. It’s basically a really rich grilled cheese stuffed with ham and loaded with tons of high quality melted cheese. I couldn’t even finish. Spud ordered the Morroccan Chicken Bisteeya, a dish with phyllo layers filled with chicken and vegetables and Morroccan spices. It was also quite tasty. My niece, Jamie, ordered the fillet mignon which she enjoyed. She has a great appetite and likes a wide range of food, which is spectacular, especially for a teenage girl.

Our very positive experience at Brasserie Julien has made us want to explore other French Bistros and the variety they have to offer. This place is a neighbor eatery for the UES and I thank my non-foodie brother for turning us on to it.