So we are standing on the corner of Union Square North & West on a Sunday afternoon with a dilemma that only occurs in Manhattan — Where to eat? There are literally dozens of options with two blocks, but we are stumped. We only wanted a snack (read: lunch), because we wanted to go to Florent for dinner in 2-3 hours. Apparently some eateries in Manhattan do close on Sundays, like the two we had in mind: Totally Loaded (the new baked potato place which Spud is drooling over) and Rainbow Falafel which serves a kick-ass cauliflower sandwich. So, without spending another hour looking for the perfect places (which is usually the case), Spud made the executive decision for Goodburger. Hopefully it lives up to its name…

870 Broadway (17/18), nyc
3 other Manhattan locations

Goodburger was actually pretty good. It’s kind the of place that everyone at one time has probably thought of opening: fast food with a conscious. Here you can still have a burger and fries, but the burger is fresh and hormone free, the bun can be whole wheat, the grease is recycled and the packaging is biodegradable. They seem to be getting a little creative with the Portobello burger and Crabby Patty. The burgers and fries we had were good and we even got a nice field greens salad to go with. The atmosphere was slightly better than a typical fast food place and they even had tv’s with an NBA game on. All and all it is a good place for a burger. It ain’t the Shake Shack, but it isn’t McDonald’s either. The prices are higher and the wait is longer, but you can feel better about the whole experience. Because I always like to try new and interesting places, it’s not on my short list of return visits, but it is a reliable backup option.