25-01 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Okay, so the Hubs and I always pass this entry off because we go here all the time, and it is so part of our living in Astoria and our neighborhood that we forget that not everyone might know about it. We love Fatty’s. It is a small restaurant serving a tremendous Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Even though they have raised the price a total of $3 since I have lived around the corner from it, it is still an incredible steal at $11 which includes a ton of food and a great drink (mimosa, lime-ade or bloody mary). The choices are many and include original flavors, like the mofongo stuffed with shrimp or meat or the polenta corn cakes covered in cheese and even a really great Cuban sandwich. If you want a standard, they make a great omelet and light, fluffy pancakes covered in fruit.
Their regular lunch and dinner menu is well-balanced and also just as creative and hearty. They make great salads and have wonderful vegetarian options, as well as great pork chops and stir-fry’s and burritos and chili. Overall, Fatty’s is that essential neighborhood joint that everyone wishes they had in their backyard and I am always grateful that we do.
They just recently opened Crescent and Vine next door and we are looking forward to trying their small-plates and drinks. It has a darker interior as opposed to Fatty’s light and airy interior which is always decorated in local artist art.
While I am writing about my favorite local hangouts, I must mention Waltz Astoria, which now that it has opened its back wing of the coffee house, it really is quite large and open. They make great cheap coffee drinks and have books and board games around the hipster interior. Bring your computers and pay the minimal $2.00 fee to sit all day online. They have cakes and cookies and light bites. I am always impressed by their night time offerings of comedy and live music, as well as cheese and wine pairings. Overall, it is my favorite local coffee house. Freeze Peach is fun but always over-crowded and Oleput is a nice addition to the neighborhood and definitely quite chill, but not as open as Waltz is.