Pink Tea Cup
42 Grove Street (Bedford/Bleeker), NYC

We are the anti-Valentine’s Day couple…..I mean, not completely. We acknowledge its existence and WeCouldEat and I are always willing to take the opportunity to say how much we love and appreciate one another (yes, we are annoyingly happy and even more frustratingly not afraid to admit it!) But, we do refuse to pay double the amount for food in Manhattan just because of the Hallmark Holiday (we feel similarly about New Year’s Eve). So, we use it as just another excuse to find a fun hole-in-the-wall establishment to raid in the city. This year we went to The Pink Tea Cup, a small Southern soul food joint. Do not be fooled by the unassuming name……The Pink Tea Cup is small in size, as is the menu, but the food packs a heavy calorie laden, deep fried wallop. Fans of soul food will be exceedingly happy here. If you are watching your diet, just keep walking and don’t stop in. If you’re like us and you believe that you need to eat large amounts of every type of food every once in a while, then journey in and take a seat. The service is friendly and you can take a look at all of the famous people who have dined here over the years as you debate between fried chicken, smothered pork chops and chicken fried steak. I went for the smothered pork chops and my hubster had the fried chicken and we both had the collard greens and black eyed peas to go along with it. It came with heavily buttered corn bread and a very salty chicken soup and just when you could not handle any more food, they serve you a large hunk of super-sweet bread pudding. Now, we don’t get stuffed easily, and if you know my husband’s love affair with pudding, than you would not believe that we couldn’t eat more than a bite or two of that dessert. The smothered pork chop was heavenly……covered in a hearty batter and deep fried and smothered in a rich dark gravy. The sides were flavorful and meaty (as all good southern greens should be!). I just loved watching all of the other diners ingest large plates of fried foods and mac-n-cheese. The music was perfect, as well. Check this place out when you’re in the mood for a completely soulful night……what better way to say “I love you”!?