14 W 4th Bdwy/Mercer, NYC

I have been going to Dojo for maybe 15 years and it really hasn’t changed much. There used to be a location on St. Mark’s, but that is gone now, this one was better anyway. The best compliment I can give to Dojo is that I am always in the mood to go there. It is always appealing because its food is interesting, healthy and dirt cheap. If it was in my neighborhood, I would realistically go there 2 or 3 times per week. A few years ago, a Zagat blurb characterized it as “brown rice for starving NYU students.” I’d say that is pretty accurate. The clientèle is definitely college-ish, although they serve a lot more than just brown rice. They have all kinds of meat and meatless burgers, stir fries, great sesame noodles, awesome carrot-ginger salad dressing, and even a Japanese brunch. The menu is pretty solid and with all the Asian influences, it is a lot more interesting than typical healthy East Village eateries. The real kicker is that two people can literally eat for under $10. Spud I went there and got a soy burger and veggie burger, which all the fixins, and our bill came to $8.80. I doubt there is anywhere else in the city that beats Dojo’s prices for a solid healthy meals. In fact, it would be quite difficult to produce their food at home for the same prices. If you haven’t been, it is definitely a good place. It’s not just for wispy vegans either, you can also order fried chicken and bourbon if you wanted to. The service is pretty spotty, although you can’t blame the staff if the average tip is $1.35.

Dojo definitely gets a Golden Bonzone as well as a Hall of Fame induction for Lifetime Achievement. So do yourself and your wallet a favor and go go to Dojo.