2850 31st Street at 30th Ave, Astoria

Sunswick 35/35
35th Street & 35th Ave, Astoria

24-01 29th Street (across from Beer Garden), Astoria

The Astoria Crew decided to head out to see The Golden Compass last Sunday. We had all passed His Dark Materials around for the past year or so and had enjoyed reading the series immensely, so we were all overjoyed when we saw that the movie adaptation was coming to the Astoria Kaufman Theater. Of course, being typical foodheads, we had to go to brunch before the movie. We decided to try Indigo, a bar/restaurant that Scott and I had walked past a couple of times and noticed that they had a really great brunch deal. You can choose from 15 Brunch items, ranging from omelets/eggs benedict/huevos rancheros to pancakes/waffles/french toast to a burger and salads. The best part being that the $12.95 deal also included 2 drinks of your choice (mimosas, *mmmm*bloody mary’s, belini’s, coffee, or fresh juices). Ultimately, the food was quite tasty and included fresh homefries, which I think lacked a bit of flavor, but then again, my pen name is “Spud” so you just imagine the high standards I hold for potato products! The drinks were strong and tasty and the outdoor seating area was delightful, although could be a bit loud, mainly because the acoustics caused the conversation to bounce off of the walls. We left with our bellies, and wallets, full.


After the movie, we were walking by a Bar called Sunswick 35/35 and we realized that we had heard through the rumor mill that they had Lambec on tap. If you haven’t tried this great Belgian beer it is a must-drink. It comes in raspberry, peach, cherry and green apple and it is absolutely wonderful. Even if you are not a fan of beer, I guarantee that you will love this stuff. Anyways, we went in (minus Litza, whom is far more impressively motivated by “hot yoga”) and we were immediately drawn to the warm presence this bar emanates. There was a Christmas tree in the corner adorned with lights and sofas with a roaring fireplace behind it. It was so comforting that even though they had *gasp* tapped out of Lambec on this visit, as soon as the Orthodox Jewish men left the corner with the Christmas tree, we descended to the couches and drank ourselves into a bit of a drunken stupor.

We finally realized that we needed more food, so we made our way back to our neck of the woods and went to another bar called Sparrow, right across the street from the Beer Garden. We have been here a few times before, but had never tried the food. We all ordered burgers and fries and Alexis had the chicken sandwich. It is great bar food…..the meat was salty and the cheese offerings were interesting; I think all of us chose the Gruyere. The fries were topped with fresh rosemary and thyme and were salted to perfection, although a bit soggy. The atmosphere is warm, with a dark interior and candles lit surrounding all of the tables. It is a great option for small groups and they are very accommodating.

After all of this, we went home and made chocolate chip cookies…..what a wonderful Astoria day!!