37 West 32nd St, NYC

Last night we made a trip down to K-town to celebrate our friend Jinnie’s Birthday. There were 12 of us who braved the ridiculously frigid weather to try Shilla, a new Korean Bar-B-Q restaurant on W. 32nd Street.
This was my first Korean Bar-B-Q experience, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The best thing about Korean food has to be all of the small plates of vibrant, spicy food that they bring out at the beginning of the meal…..and, of course, we were lucky enough to have Jinnie be able to order for us. So we had an extravaganza of all sorts of interesting appetizers: A seafood omelet with scallions which was delicious, beef dumplings, shredded raw strips of meat with sweet apple, and the million other little dishes of food. An egg souffle that was salty and peppery, kimchee, spicy zucchini, fried egg-battered zucchini, small, chewy fish, tofu, a waldorf salad of sorts, raw garlic and spicy fish paste. They brought out spicy salad and then the Bar-B-Q began. Plate after plate of meat was grilled right in front of us and we wrapped the sweet, salty meat in lettuce leaves with garlic and fish sauce. It was incredibly tasty!
We also had bi bim bop as well as a spicy octopus dish. We talked about how exhausting it must be to be the dishwasher, due to the never-ending supply of small plates we were eating off of.
Finally, after we were completely stuffed, and kind of drunk, we finished the meal with fresh, juicy pineapple. I believe that this place definitely deserves a Golden Bonzone, because although it lacked some atmosphere, the food was amazing!! Just beware, you need to order a minimum of two plates of meat in order to be served bogogi, and each plate runs about $22…..I think this place works best with a large group of people!!