Pizza is one of those foods I don’t usually get a strong craving for. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of my favorite eats, but is so ubiquitous that it seems like I am eating it all the time without even trying. However, that is generally average pizza, which in NYC is still pretty damn good. But occasionally I do get a craving for really good pizza that goes beyond a normal slice with too little sauce, too much cheese, and too doughy of a crust. The other night we watched a public tv show where Todd English (restaurateur and chef) found and made great pizza in New England. It looked amazing and got us jones-ing for the good stuff…

Sac’s Place
29-41 Broadway @ 29th street, Astoria

It just so happens that we have a pizza place (and Italian restaurant) nearby with an excellent reputation that we’ve never tried – don’t you love it when that happens? When we arrived at Sac’s Place, the restaurant area was closed for a private party, but the pizza parlor area was open, which was perfect because we were starving and over-ordered of course. We got 2 plain slices, 1 white, 1 stuffed spinach, and 1 chicken roll. Everything was excellent, but the standout was the plain pizza. It was coal fired, with a thin crust, not super thin like a Grimaldi’s, but with a little crunch and a little bite. The sauce was tasty and there wasn’t too much cheese, just enough and it was high quality. I enjoyed the stuffed slice too. It was a cross between an Italian spinach roll and a Greek spinach pie, because of the onions and seasoning.

I’ll be interested in trying the full menu in the regular dining area at some point, but for now I am very satisfied with the pizza. In fact, I would say that it is hands-down the best pizza I’ve had in Astoria so far. Because it fits the criteria, I’m going to give it a Golden Bonzone.