Welcome to WeCouldEat @ the Grubhub! Although this blog is obsessed primarily with NYC grub, my very first post will be on a unique place in Jersey City…

15 Fox Place
15 Fox Place Jersey City, NJ


On a recent Saturday we trekked out to Jersey City via the PATH train with our friends, Michelle & Jojo. The experience ended up being one of the most comfortable, yet interesting dinners we have ever had. 15 Fox Place is a home on a completely residential area of JC and bills itself as an exclusive dining club, although anyone can dine there. What makes it unusual and interesting is that the decor and service is very inviting, homey, and familiar and the food is endless. It’s basically a 15 course traditional Italian tasting menu cooked by (someone else’s) mama. It’s BYOB and lasts for 3.5 hours and is really an endless orgy of food and drinks. The great part about the menu (and tasting menus in general) is that each course can be enjoyed and discussed by the table and it adds to the community feeling. Michelle and Jojo are hilarious and lots of fun. By the end we were overstuffed and half-drunk and were in the kitchen discussing mama’s recipes with her until they kicked us out. Plus, the real kicker is that it was only $90 including tax and tip. You definitely can’t get this experience in Manhattan, so it’s worth the trip.